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Acoustic Guitar Magazine Review of "Notes from Helen"!
August 4, 2015

Just out in the September issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine: "Helen Avakian's first all-instrumental CD is an impressive introduction to the winner of the 2014 International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship... (Avakian) deftly serves up a wonderfully eclectic program that showcases the breadth of her talent as a solo guitarist working in a wide variety of styles... Guitarists will find much to marvel at: The arrangements are consistently imaginative..." Plus there are favorable to comparisons made to musicians I have long admired, such as Will Ackerman, Alex de Grassi, Micheal Hedges and even the Grateful Dead! I am so thrilled to appear in a magazine I have been enjoying since the early 1990's and before! An ad for the Walnut Valley Festival appears on the same page, a very cool and perfect juxtaposition! I first heard of the WV Fest from Acoustic Guitar, again back in the '90's when I read about National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, the amazing Muriel Anderson. In addition, "Notes from Helen" would not have been made when it was if I had not won the International Guitar Fingerstyle Championship myself last September. The prize money and boost in confidence inspired me to record the CD.



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