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Summer Guitar Performance Workshop
June 20, 2020

Summer Guitarists Performance Workshop 7:00 - 8:30 PM CDT Mondays June 22 - July 20

Transform Stage Fright To Stage Excite-ment

This will be an in-depth exploration of ways to work with the energy of stage fright and turn it into something positive so that one can perform more effectively and enjoy it along the way. The more a performer enjoys what they are doing the more confidence they have which helps for a stronger presentation all around. I will offer various techniques and tips from ways to prepare in practice sessions to ways to calm down before and during performance. Every class there will be an opportunity for participants to perform and share with the group if they wish to do so. We will also do some group guitar playing activities. We culminate with a performance in front of a specially invited larger audience.

This is a topic near and dear to my heart as I have contended with stage fright since I was a child. Years of study and performing have helped me to work with that energy, enjoy performing, compete in guitar contests, and even win the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship! I have helped a great many students gain more comfort onstage. I have seen individuals go from being practically inaudible when singing, or being debilitated with shakiness and nerves when performing on guitar to happily appearing at open mics, playing for loved ones, at parties, and in concert.

"I took Helen's Guitar Performance Workshop, and I will say it really helped me a great deal. I got rid of a lot of fear. It built up an enormous amount of confidence; we (in the class) all made gigantic improvements. I highly recommend this program."
Steve Puntillo, Guitar Performance Workshop Participant, Sun Prairie WI

"I have just completed the guitar performance class. If you have nerves or get shakes when performing then this is for you! We learned several tools to help relax and reduce anxiety. The class was about 5 people and each of us performed a song each week. I enjoyed pushing myself to have a song to perform. Helen records your performance to a drop box to review later. I have gained confidence and am recording myself more often as well."
Scott Lewis, GPW Participant Sun Prairie

"I have extreme anxiety about playing the guitar in public. In the past it has prevented me not only from playing in public spaces but also from playing for my friends at home. Helen is extremely gentle and kind in the way she works with students who have performance anxiety. Not only that, but the way her class is structured— where students have to play for their peers in every class is very useful. I felt my confidence expanded under her instruction. I have decided to take another class with Helen because I felt she helped me a lot."
Dory Lightfoot, GPW Participant Sun Prairie

"When it came down to the competition I was very worried, very nervous. I did a lot about what you talked about in the workshop. I did physical activity beforehand to really clear my mind. I did some of the breathing exercises as well that you taught in your workshop, and overall I thought it was a great performance, one of the best performances I've had for both songs. I just really appreciated what you had to say, and I definitely took that to heart. I thank you very much."
Alberto Garcia, Guitar Performance Workshop Participant  at the Indiana Fingerstyle Guitar Festival, Fingerstyle Championship Competitor Nashville, IN

5 Sessions $125

Individual Lessons on guitar, songwriting, beginning ukulele, and vocal coaching are also available on an ongoing basis meaning you can sign up any time. You can also sign up for a semi-private lesson with another guitarist or two. Contact me for more information and pricing.

To register email, call or text me, and I will provide payment instructions.
(845) 797-6461 info@HelenAvakian.com



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